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The Teacher Approved Membership is an incredible value with 2nd Story Window’s best resources curated for you. The monthly credit allows you to snag additional resources based on what you need for your particular classroom. All of the resources are easy to use, top-notch, and professionally done.

-Angie Kneibert, 2nd Grade

I really love it all. I love how many teacher-friendly programs are available from the beginning. I think these will help my classroom run efficiently from the beginning and it will be easy to offer the same structure all school year long. I'm also thankful for the Facebook group that I can reach out to for assistance as the year gets started.

- Jessica Taylor, 2nd Grade

[My classroom before was] CHAOS!! I've not been able to come down from the 22-23 school year. Pulling things left and right to meet the needs of the students. How can I narrow it down to just one benefit [of the Teacher Approved Club]?

My favorite part is all the resources and the Facebook group.

- Christy Rickert, Specialist

Did you know that teachers make an average of 1500 decisions every day?

From lesson planning to classroom management, the sheer number of decisions you make in a day can be overwhelming. And while we used to have to hunt to find good resources for our students, now we're absolutely inundated with good resources to choose from, unlocking a whole new list of decisions to be made each day.

Talk about decision fatigue. It's no wonder that most teachers find themselves struggling to find the energy needed to be the kind of teacher they want to be.

But you don't need to stay overwhelmed!

The Teacher Approved Club is here to help you kick overwhelm to the curb!

It's time to...

  • Create good instructional systems that help you elevate what matters.
  • Make planning easier by curating a smaller pool of resources to choose from.
  • Lean on the expertise of other experienced teachers who have been in the trenches.
  • Free up your energy to focus on building relationships with your students.

Wouldn't you like teaching

to feel exciting again?


The Teacher Approved Club

A Membership from Heidi and Emily

of Second Story Window

In the Teacher Approved Club we intentionally

broke the mold of traditional memberships

by creating one that supports teachers

with curated resources to help them avoid overwhelm.

Together let's do less, better.

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What do you get in the

Teacher Approved Club?

You'll choose your membership level

(monthly, quarterly, or annual)

and get access to any of our

BEST resources like these:

Spiral Review Morning Work

Our #1 Best-Seller!
Available in grades K-4
5th grade coming in 2024!

Daily review is one of the most effective ways to help students move their learning from short-term to long-term memory. This year-long daily review includes both math & ELA content to help build deeper student understanding. We use it in the morning but you can use it any time of the day!

⭐️ 180 pages of standards-aligned math and language spiral review
⭐️ Answer key
⭐️ 3 editable cover options in color and black and white
⭐️ Digital versions for Google Drive (all) and Seesaw (1st, 2nd)
⭐️ Tailored to the grade level of choice

Spiral Review Homework

Available in grades 1-3!

Our year-long comprehensive spiral review bundle is just what you need for homework, daily spiral review, fast finisher work, exit tickets, and more! It's full of fun and engaging activities that will help your students practice and retain important skills. The half sheets are meant to be copied back to back to save paper and avoid student overwhelm!

⭐️ 180 pages of standards aligned ELA and math practice half sheets (360 sheets, 180 pages)
⭐️ Answer Key
⭐️ Digital versions for Google Drive (all) and Seesaw (1st, 2nd)
⭐️ Can be used as homework, daily spiral review, fast finisher work, or exit tickets

⭐️ Tailored to the grade level of choice

Fluency Passages

Available in grades K-4!

36 weeks of engaging reading fluency passages with coordinating daily sight word or comprehension practice They are perfect for reading comprehension homework or reading interventions!

⭐️ 36 weekly fluency passages that gradually increase in difficulty
⭐️ 4 days of sight word practice (levels A-D) or short close reading comprehension practice each week
⭐️ Parent Tips to help build fluency at home
⭐️ Alternate question page with multiple choice close reading questions
⭐️ Answer Key
⭐️ Fluency growth tracking charts
⭐️ Digital versions for Google Slides (annotation + open-ended questions) & Google Forms (multiple choice/short answer questions)

Morning Messages

Available in grades 1-4!

A year-long set of editable daily and seasonal questions are included for students to answer as part of their morning routine. Grade-level daily questions relating to language arts and math standards and classroom community-building discussion starters. And they make a wonderful resource for discussion during morning meeting!

⭐️ Weekly editable Google Slides presentations for digital use

⭐️ 25 daily questions (one per day, 5 weeks per month)
An editable printable black and white presentations for each week
⭐️ An editable printable journal for students (optional to use!) - 1 page per week
⭐️ Question topics include: phonics, vocabulary, math, jokes, and community-building discussion starters. 
⭐️ 10 months of messages from August-May plus 60 extra seasonal messages



Curated Resource Suggestions

To help with decision fatigue, we'll be offering up a list of curated suggestions each month if you want some guidance on spending your monthly credits. No overwhelm allowed here!

Value: priceless!

Training Discounts

50% off workshop tickets for our future live workshops for professional development.

We cover topics such as Back to School Season, Morning Routines, Fluency, and Classroom Procedures!

Value $30

Additional Bonus for Yearly Members: your workshop tickets are FREE! Value $60.

The Teacher Approved Club Private Community

Access to the private Teacher Approved Club Facebook Group for collaboration and connection!

🎁 Monthly member giveaways

📌 Monthly focus themes for discussion and collaboration

Value $40


  • 10 monthly downloads on any individual resource in our shop
  • Curated monthly suggestions to reduce decision fatigue and help you plan
  • 50% off all workshops, so you can dive into teacher topics that interest you
  • A private Facebook community filled with 1-3 grade teachers
  • Access to 650 resources - you'll find what you need for your students!
Monthly is for me!
  • Unlimited monthly downloads on any of the 650+ resources in our shop
  • Curated monthly suggestions to reduce decision fatigue and help you plan
  • Free tickets to all live workshops (and the replays!) so you can dive into teacher topics that interest you
  • A private Facebook community filled with 1-3 grade teachers
  • Get 2 months free with the annual plan

Best Deal!

I want 2 months free!

"It has everything you need. The Facebook Group is so positive and collaborative, but most importantly, the quality of the products is phenomenal and you don't have to go anywhere else."

- Christy Rickert, K-5 Reading Specialist





We're 2 sisters, and former 2nd grade and preschool teachers, who are passionate about helping teachers elevate what matters and simplify the rest.

We could tell you about us but here's the only thing you really need to know about us: We're obsessed with efficiency.

Everywhere we go we find ourselves discussing how things could be run more smoothly. Like how the restaurant could solve its problems with order pickup if management improved its systems...

I know it sounds like we're the most fun people to hang out with right?

But here's why that matters. That deep love for efficiency and systems is our teaching superpower.

This superpower is what helps us look at a challenging math topic or a difficult management situation and see the nitty-gritty of what's happening and how it can be improved.

We're obsessed with all the little details of classroom life so that you don't have to be.

Do you want to

  • reclaim your teaching life
  • by elevating what matters
  • and simplifying the rest?

We can help.


If you're not happy with the Teacher Approved Club, you can cancel at any time!

Yearly members can cancel for a full refund within 48 hours of joining. Monthly members can cancel at any time but your current price is not guaranteed in the future.

Are you ready

to make teaching sustainable again?

Included in the price of the club...

  • Access to your choice of 650+ resources
  • Bonus: Curated resource suggestions for using your credits (priceless) 
  • Bonus: Live training discounts
  • Bonus: Teacher Approved Club Private Community

Total Value: $435+

Starting at just $9.95 per month!

Frequently Asked Questions

This membership is for teachers in grades 1-3 who are ready to ditch the overwhelm of lesson planning and scouring TPT for the perfect resources. If you're finding yourself constantly with decision fatigue about which resources to use, the Teacher Approved Club is for you!

Inside the membership, you'll get access to 650+ resources including: spiral review morning work, morning messages, fluency passages, and spiral review homework. Depending on your plan you will either get 10, 30 or unlimited downloads a month :sparkles: We'll be offering a curated list of resources to choose from each month, to keep that pesky decision fatigue at bay. We can't wait to collaborate with you in our members-only Facebook Group where we'll connect and learn together! Plus you'll get 50% off our live professional development workshops. .

We included access to all of our resources because our mission is to help teachers elevate what matters, and simplify the rest. The monthly curated resource newsletter and community support sets it all apart!


The yearly membership gets everything included in the monthly membership PLUS: Get two months FREE by purchasing the annual plan. You'll also have access to unlimited downloads. Get a FREE ticket to all of our professional development workshops ($60 value)!


If you choose to enroll in the monthly membership, you may cancel at any time before your next billing cycle. Simply send us an email to do so! If you purchase the yearly membership, there is a 48 hour money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the membership for any reason just send us an email within 48 days and we will refund you, no questions asked. You've got nothing to lose!

Join us in the Teacher Approved Club!